Rock climbing Camp in

September 20-29 2024
Rock climbing Camp in
September 20-29
About the Camp
A 10-day course of intense climbing and improving crack climbing skills.
You will find hundreds of beautiful TRAD lines, from short and easy to challenging and long. We will learn to climb cracks of different sizes, jam your hands and feet, position your body, and place protection points. On rest days from climbing, we will enjoy fascinating walks around the picturesque area and choose new routes for the following days. The course is suitable for both beginners and experienced participants.
September 20-29 2024
10 Days
Bektau - Ata, Kazakhstan
1250 $ per person
  • Dates
    September 20-29 2024
  • Duration
    10 Days
  • Location
    Bektau - Ata, Kazakhstan
  • Cost
    1250 $ per person
Bektau - Ata
Bektau - Ata is a mountain range 70 km to the north from Balkhash. It is a mountainous area in the middle of the steppe, about 13 by 18 kilometers in size. Bektau-Ata has a mesmerising geological history. The place is a highly eroded granite intrusion massif that came to the surface after tectonic uplift and erosion of the soft rocks surrounding it.
The highest point is Bektau-Ata (1214m above sea level). Entire massif splits into several ridges: Bektauata, Sarykulzha (Yellow argali), Konyrkulzha (Brown argali) – with Apar Su pass between them, Karashoky, Zhaltas. They are separated by fairly wide canyons with forests and lakes.
The terrain around is flat granite hills with edges and canyons radiating from the main peaks. There are many remains of the most bizarre shapes here. Here you can find cranes and waders, rare argali and gazelles.

Rock climbing in Bektau

TRAD routes of Bektau - Guidebook (Coming soon)
Bektau Ata is a unique area where time and wind have carved the most bizarre granite shapes. Climbing is specific here, it is rarely found anywhere else: cracks of different sizes, of-widths and chimneys.

Climbing here is TRAD-climbing. There are no bolted routes in the area. Cams of all sizes are mainly used for protection

There are several hundred climbing lines in the area, ranging from very short and simple to super complex and long for several pitches. Many of them have not been climbed yet.
For bouldering enthusiasts, all kinds of suitable boulders are scattered around the area.
  • Day by day schedule
    • Day 1 - Transfer from Almaty to Bektau (about 10 hours, 700km). Accomodation

    • Day 2 - Intro to crack climbing/ climbing day
    • Day 3 - Climbing day
    • Day 4 - Rest day

    • Day 5 - Climbing day
    • Day 6 - Climbing day
    • Day 7 - Rest day

    • Day 8 - Climbing day
    • Day 9 - Climbing day

    • Day 10 - Departure

    The program can be changed due to the weather or the desire of participants to climb certain routes.
  • Required equipment and clothing
    • Harness
    • Lanyard
    • Helmet
    • Crack climbing gloves (if you dont have any, we can teach how to make them from adhesive bandage)
    • Climbing shoes
    • Belay device
    • 3 carabiners
    • Cams - 1 set (№ 0.3-4. № 5,6 preferably)
    • Quickdraws - 3 (60 cm loop + carabiner)
    • Dynamic rope 60-70m
    • Backpack
    • Headlamp

    • Sneakers
    • Clothing appropriate to the season
    • Climbing clothes - long-sleeved trousers and jacket
  • Terms of participation
    • Dates: September 20-29 2024
    • Cost: $1,250 per person. To participate in the course, prepayment ($300) is required. The rest of the payment is made on the first day of the camp

    - English-speaking guide services
    - Transfer from Almaty and back
    - Accommodation in guest house in Bektau-Ata
    - Meals: full board
    - Some specific climbing gear

    - Accommodation in Almaty before or after the tour
    - Snacks on the road
    - Personal equipment
    - Insurance policy

    • Participants are advised to carry sufficient medical transportation insurance (for active recreation)